New on Tap: Buxton Brewery's Double Axe

05 Sep

Quite simply, a "horrendously special" brew from the Derbyshire innovators.

Double Axe by Buxton Brewery - could this be the freshest, hoppiest, most bitter beer you may ever taste? This is so hoppy, in fact, that the keg was covered in hop dust when it arrived (that's the green stuff). If you've ever lost your mind over Magic Rock's Unhuman Cannonball then you need to try this "horrendously special"* beer. We really must warn you though, once it's gone, it's gone, and as the only keg of this stuff currently in Glasgow we expect it to go pretty fast. 

13.6%, £4.50 for a third. See you soon, aye? 

*the wise words of bar manager Sean.