New On Tap: Arbor - Why Kick A Moo Cow

18 Aug

One of the best-named beers from the Bristol brewery's range happens to also taste pretty good.  

Why kick a moo cow indeed? As it turns out, no-one's actually asking, it's just a quirky reference to the beer's New Zealand origins - brewed with a ton of Southern Cross and Rakau hops added in the copper, it's then dry hopped with Pacific Gem and Pacific Jade.

That does not, however, mean it's not a good conversation topic to muse upon whilst nursing a pint of the stuff.

Arbor, for those who aren't familiar, is actually a Bristol brewery who have brewed over 200 different beers now - the regulars, the occasionals, and the mad one offs. This is one of our very drinkable favourites - big and malty, yes, but without too much heavy-hitting depth so the light citrus, peach and caramel tastes stand out. 

At 5.5%, it's pouring now for £5.75 a pint.