29 Nov

The inaugural Scottish coffee festival is coming to Glasgow. And when good things come to Glasgow, they come to those who Drygate.


This is your opportunity to taste the best coffee Scotland has to offer from the nations finest roasters and cafés.

There will be demonstrations, tastings and training from world-class baristas.

You can perfect your latte art and learn how to blag it when somebody comments on the relative merits of Peruvian Tiki beans. Maybe.

We’ll have some well considered coffee based cocktails and beers, with some ill considered names, to wash down a double shot of live music and art.
An army of well meaning and well informed coffee aficionados will give you the low down on the different roasts and how to make the perfect cup of coffee, as apparently asking Gale Boetticher will not deliver the desired results.
All the while the V team will be front of house hosts for all your beer and street food needs. We’ve got it covered.


To find out all you need to know about the festival and roasters click here.