17 May

A twist down electric avenue


Scientists keep talking about new materials with amazing abilities. What is this fuss all about? What are those evil minds building in labs full of microscopes? Why are they creating  structures thousands of times smaller than a human hair? Come for a night full of biosensors and some...shocking experiments. We will end this amazing night with a Science Pub Quiz where you can test all your newly acquired knowledge, and more...   

Biosensing with a twist

Dr. Calum Jack (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Why do we care about the properties of molecules? Well, turns out that there is a property, known as chirality, that controls how molecules in our body behave. And why is this important, you may ask? Measuring this property is important for hunting down proteins responsible for diseases or catching evil viruses. That's why scientists from a lot of fields care so much about it! If all this sounds a bit complicated, come along to Calum’s talk and find out all about some new methods of hunting down these elusive properties of molecules using nanotechnology, chemistry, physics, and biology.


Scavenging electricity for free

Dr. John Halpin (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Did you know that scientists have created new materials that can generate electricity from heat? These can be used in what we call thermoelectric generators, which could convert waste heat energy into electricity, leading to more fuel efficient cars. This promising green technology will be explained with the help of exciting demonstrations, such as harvesting heat energy from the human body!


Pub Quiz!!

A fun, science-y pub quiz with cool rounds and activities. Come with a team or join one on the day. Great prizes to be won too!


DOORS: 7:00



Over 18's Only