16 May

Cosmic hangover

What has the universe been up to for the past 14 billion years? Is it having a bit more fun that you thought? Is it having a pint or two of its own? What is up with the Sun?  The Astrophysics group of Glasgow Uni is here to answer all your questions, with some beer refuelling in the middle.  If you are curious and you want to discover what’s up in the outer space, this is your night.   

How I met your Universe

Antonio Herrera (PhD researcher)

We always talk about the history of humans, but what about the history of the universe itself? Toni is a cosmologist who enjoys the fun of the universe, the math and dancing his way out of it. Who better than him to take us on a short journey through the history of the universe. From the very first moments through to the present day, he’ll talk about the most important events on the whole.


Green sky at night

Stephen Brown (PhD Researcher)

Raise your hand if you love the Northern lights! Those of us lucky enough to have seen them may not fully understand what causes them. I’ll be exploring the Sun-Earth link, guiding you through the journey of the solar wind, from the Sun to the Earth’s magnetosphere, in an attempt to explain this beautiful phenomenon. Stephen Brown is a 25 year old geek and Astrophysicist who likes the Northern Lights and Solar Flares.


Booze in space

Dr. Alec MacKinnon (Senior Lecturer)

Vast clouds of alcohol are floating in the space between the stars. Some of those Hubble Space Telescope images may look beautiful but they represent a hangover far beyond your worst imaginings. How do we know about this space booze? Would we want to drink it, even if we could? This will be a light-hearted look at the interstellar medium with Alec MacKinnon, a senior lecturer in School of Physics and Astronomy.


DOORS: 7:00



Over 18's Only