15 May

 Down the quantum rabbit hole

Hold tight to your pint and get ready to have your entire view of the world turn upside down! Have you ever wondered what the quantum world looks like? How is a proton structured? Is there a chance you could ever teleport? If you want to know some of the key aspects of quantum physics and its current applications while having some beers, this is your opportunity! Learn from some of the researchers in Glasgow so you can show off to your friends and become an evil scientist.  


The life and times of the virtual proton

Euan McLean (PhD researcher)

What do you think a proton looks like? Most imagine a billiard ball, nestled amongst other billiard balls inside a nucleus. But the reality is far weirder than that - in fact, a proton is more like lots and lots of small particles inside a dense, complicated soup. And the math describing protons? Far too complicated even for the cleverest physicists to understand! Luckily, computers are good at math. Very very good, and they’re happy to help! Euan will talk about current attempts to get computers to tell us what protons really look like, and what we can learn from that. 

Break time with quantum crystals

Dr. Ben Hourahine (Lecturer)

When scientists talk about crystals they usually mean rigid, ordered structures that repeat themselves in space. At least this was the case until March, when the same principles were applied with the patterns repeating in time, and quantum crystals with what is called a “recurrent form” were first observed in the lab. Periodic motion alone is not sufficient for this, and the experiments were rather complicated. Join Ben to find out what time crystals are, how to make one out of very cold atoms or diamond impurities, and how they can break time symmetry.


Adventures in quantum forgetfulness

Dr. Suzanne McEndoo (Postdoctoral Research Associate)

Quantum physics seems the answer to our science fiction dreams! But did you know that quantum states are amazingly delicate? A stray photon or even just the passage of time could be all it takes to scupper your galactic domination plans. Sometimes the important question is not "can I make this quantum thing?" but "can I keep this quantum thing?". So how can we keep our quantum tools from forgetting what they're supposed to be? 





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