Meet the Producer: Odfjell Vineyards

27 Nov

Dan Odfjell flies to Glasgow specifically to talk to you about some of Chile's finest wines.

At Drygate we believe that the passionate people behind craft breweries, artisan food producers, winemakers and distilleries are what make bars and restaurants great.

We love great beer but we also love great wine

The last Thursday of this month is Meet the Producer night at Drygate. In our Brewhouse we will host some of the most interesting people who supply outstanding products for our bars and restaurant. From distinguished whisky distillers from Scotland's Highlands and Islands, swashbuckling rum producers from the Caribbean, green fingered farmers and expert wine producers from France to South Africa will be gracing our floors. They will tell you the stories and history behind their businesses. They will give you a masterclass in what they do. They will let you get hands-on with their produce, leading you on an immersive extravaganza of taste sensations.

At Drygate we are more than just a great bar, more than just a great restaurant.  We truly believe in the food and drink we serve and present it to you with great pride. This is your chance to learn more about the producers who help us on this journey.

This month we are excited to invite Dan Odfjell from Odfjell Vineyards to talk to you about their exciting range of Chilean wines. Dan is one of the Odfjell family, a man who has extensively travelled the world selling and trying some of the finest wines on offer. Odfjell wines are truly some of the greatest the New World has to offer and Dan will be flying up to Glasgow specifically to talk to you about their wares.