GlesGames XI

04 Mar

the first GlesGames event of 2017

Featuring the latest and greatest local multiplayer video games on gaming machines, new and old.

GlesGames XI will play host to some new ideas we have created and, thanks to your feedback, hopefully it will make the event even better. In addition to the many, many games we'll have present, they have already confirmed that there will be a Pub Quiz at 1600 for all attendees to take part in, prior to the video games beginning at 1700. There will also be several competitions hosted during the night with some great prizes!

Some of the games that will be featured at the event include: Overcooked, Stikbold, Street Fighter V, Rocket League, Mario Kart 64, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, Mario Kart 8, Mario Party, Street Fighter II, Power Stone, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom, Towerfall Ascension, Gang Beasts, Mount Your Friends and many, many more.

For the most up-to-date developments in the planning for GlesGames XI, be sure to check out their Twitter or Facebook pages.

"*Please note* We have marked the closing time as 2300 but, if there are still people playing games at this time, we will leave those machines on for attendees to play"

TIME: 4-11pm



Over 18's Only