DJ Food AV Set

25 Sep

Drygate Presents: DJ Food (Ninja Tune / Solid Steel) Full AV Set + Rebecca Vasmant + Mr Tuner

Drygate Presents: DJ Food (Ninja Tune / Solid Steel) Full AV Set +Rebecca Vasmant + Mr Tuner (Handpicked Cassette Tapes). 25 Sep - September weekend! 

***** VERY LIMITED EARLY BIRDS @ £5 + BF *****

Drygate is thrilled to present Ninja Tunes pioneer DJ Food! The turntable master will provide an incredible full audio visual show: a sensory overload that takes you on a journey from leftfield hip-hop, electronica, jazz and hypnotic psychedelia, all woven through a sci-fi lens. 

Strictly Kev has been involved with the multi-producer DJ Food project for over 20 years, being the sole remaining member for over a decade. He has DJ'd the world over with Food originators Coldcut and PC as well as performing 4 deck Audio Visual sets with Solid Steel radio main man DK.

From 1995’s 'Recipe For Disaster' onwards, he has mixed 100's of hours of audio for compilations, radio and the web using his 25 + years of DJ experience and vast record collection. Re-scoring The Monkees’ cult-classic film ‘Head’ on turntables or inviting Paul Morley to narrate a history of cut and paste music on his ‘Raiding the 20th Century’ mix are just two examples of personal projects he created during the 00's.

Kev is an avid collector of records, comics, toys, original art, music memorabilia and vintage sci-fi books. He has been in the enviable position of scouring the Sesame Workshop archives in New York for an aborted mix album and being one of the only people invited to dig through Trevor Horn’s master tape collection for reissue material on the ZTT label.

In tandem he has enjoyed a career as chief designer for Ninja Tunes since the early 90's, running parallel with his music making. In 2010 he was responsible for the entire look and design of the Ninja Tunes XX campaign and releases, including a 200+ pg history book, exhibition and the lavish box set that celebrated 20 years of the label.

His last album, 2012’s ‘The Search Engine’, featured JG Thirlwell (Foetus), The The’s Matt Johnson and Tru Thoughts artist Natural Self across several vocal cuts. The launch party was conducted in the London Planetarium with a 50 minute 360 degree full dome visual showcase made by Kev in conjunction with their astronomers. He continues to play, mix, collect and write about music on his travels as well as blogging constantly on site.


Rebecca Vasmant 

In an age increasingly dominated by faceless machine-created sounds, DJ-Producer Rebecca Vasmant is bringing a fresh twist to electronic music with her love of jazz, the original form of unbridled spiritual sonic expression. Rebecca is a passionate record collector and her knowledge exceeds her time as a collector. 

Rebecca has already made a name for herself with her Made In Glasgow and Know The Way parties, running a popular record fair with the venerable Sub Club, starting her jazz record label Shiehallion, touring the world for Ministry Of Sound and a monthly spot on BBC Radio Scotland playing contemporary jazz records in an attempt to bridge the gap between this much abused but crucial genre and the electronic scene. 


Mr Tuner (Handpicked Cassette Tapes)

Mr Tuner, the man behind Glasgow's premier cassette tape imprint Handpicked, which plays home to some of Scotland's finest tastemakers including Jazz Spastiks, Konchis, Scatabrainz and Bessa.


TIME: 10pm 
TICKETS: EB £5 | Student £8 | Full £10 | Door £12

Over 18's Only