Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5

16 Oct

Spread the Mustard love and join the Yellow Movement. Your Colonel needs you!

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 are the shiny disco ball helmet wearing, ultimate genre hopping, twisted festival, live stage machine that puts the emphasis on music, entertaining and laughter. They are a party at its most outrageous and ridiculous. Like a Dean Martin and Kenny Rogers hybrid with the DNA of Bob Marley and Neil Diamond on mushrooms! Their live show have included , laughter yoga, hug-offs, dance-offs in a giant hay bird nest, singalongs about dancing in gay discos and being heartbroken by ginger people, line dancing and high 5ing to the beats. Always expect the unexpected when the Dijon 5 come to town! The audience are an integral part of our band. You are the legendary 6th Dijon! 

"2014 was our best year yet. From playing a sell-out in King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in January to headlining the world famous Barrowland Ballrooms in December (Dance Off video from the Barras). We released our debut album in May with a Yellow Movement album launch party in the Glasgow Art School. We played the main stage at the Eden Festival, the main stage at the Solas Fest, Viewpoint Stage at the Kelburn Garden Party, the Solas and Wicked Pitt Tents at Wickerman Festival, the main stage at the Merchant City Festival, Live at Troon and the Mallaig Folk Festival. We played charity gigs for Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Scottish CND, Caron Keating Foundation at the Hard Rock Cafe and Oxjam.

2015 is shaping up to be even better! 

What is the Yellow Movement I hear you ask? It's our movement to affect positive change. Why yellow? Well, it's the colour of Dijon mustard, it's the colour of sunshine, the most positive of colours, and who doesn't want more Mustard, sunshine and positivity in their lives?! This is our manifesto: 

"Laugh until you no longer know what it is to hate, release your soul, determine your own fate, lose your self consciousness, find anonymous awesomeness, in bottomless thoughtfulness, lose your inhibitions, forget the distractions, take non-violent direct action, be your own improvement, use your illusion. You are never alone, anyone can happen, be the best you, you can be. This is the blueprint, we are the nuisance, the fluent union of amusement. The Yellow Movement, the evolution revolution, a symbiosis of (un)conscious and conscience... do join us."

Spread the Mustard love and join the Yellow Movement. Your Colonel needs you! We bring the sunshine and you ARE the 6th Dijon! We love you! Thank you for being a friend." 

Peace, love and Mustard, - Colonel Mustard

'These Are Not The Drugs (You Are Looking For)' EP Launch Party - come and join the party!!

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DOORS: 7:30 

TICKETS: £7 early bird / £10 


Over 18's only