Big Gold Dream - Side B: The Glasgow School

10 May

Restless Naitives Festival Presents: Big Gold Dream - Side B: The Glasgow School

Big Gold Dream - Side B: The Glasgow School

Grant McPhee / UK 2016 / 1h15m / Documentary

The Glasgow School is the B-Side to Big Gold Dream. Drawing on the same interviews from BGD,  this exclusive work-in-progress film gives an in depth insight into the Glasgow post-punk scene with a particular emphasis on legendary Postcard Records. The film contains no archive, is still incomplete but is an exclusive work-print that will never be seen again in this format. A first-hand account of those involved with Postcard, Swamplands and Postcard2. Director Grant McPhee and Producer Erik Sandberg will take part in Q&A after the film.

TIME: 7:30




Ok folks. Basically... Restless Natives is a cross-platform multi-venue cultural festival championing independent purveyors of music, film, food, drink, business and numerous other fields within Scotland.

It entails seven solid days of high quality cultural events incorporating everything from low-brow comedy to high-brow debates, slapstick short-films to stark documentaries and cerebral jazz to caustic punk rock.

RN prides itself on its strong ethical compass in the hope that this will ensure proper representation for the thriving independent arts and business communities, whilst also bringing to the city some of the world's most respected musicians, film-makers, entrepreneurs and celebrated orators to stand alongside our own native talent. In the process, it will also seek to reinvigorate the cultural reputation and commercial prospects of The Barra's and Calton areas of Glasgow's East End.

All events will be individually priced as affordably as possible to ensure accessibility for people from all economic backgrounds. We will also be donating a portion of gate receipts towards specially nominated East End charities to try and make some lasting difference to the community that has welcomed us, rather than just trashing their house and leaving like some jerk crashing a party.

In a nutshell, Restless Natives is looking to unite many different groups, creative industries, ethnicities, ages and socio-political perspectives under one broadly inclusive and progressive umbrella, proving to everyone who thinks otherwise that independent business and art can still thrive in an increasingly globalised world economy and that Scotland, with it's celebrated reputation in these fields, is the perfect place to lead the way.

And before you ask, we took inspiration for the title from the truly excellent 1985 Scottish movie of the same name, written by Ninian Dunnett, which beautifully depicts the dignity and spirit of the underdog that flows through every DIY band, independent brewer, small venue and auteur film-maker. If you haven't seen it, you really should.

Okay. That's yer lot. Thanks for reading.