Studio Kit

The Drygate Studio Kit will be at your disposal: Whether you are a DIY Beer novice, enthusiast or considering turning pro; we have designed an experience that will fit your requirements. 

Our studio brew kit is now available to hire. 

Combining the best Italian engineered brewing equipment with our brewers' expertise, we are confident you'll be able to create a beer to be proud of. 

Hire of the studio kit includes the following:

A pre-brew discussion with our brewers to design the recipe, plan ingredients and to allow you to ask any questions. It's also at this stage you'll decide what format you want your beer served in; keg, cask, 330ml or 500ml crown top bottles. 

The brew day itself. Starting around 9am you'll work with one of our Drygate brewers from mashing through to casting to FV. At each stage you'll get hands on experience on the brew kit and you'll get a really good grounding in brewing science from the Drygate team. 

It's a long day since a brew typically takes 5-6 hours. We can arrange lunch or dinner in our restaurant during the day to keep you fuelled up for digging out the mash tun. 

The Drygate team will then take your beer through fermentaion, conditioning and into the pacakge of your choice. If your beer is destined for bottled then we can print up a variety of designs with your chosen beer name. 

The whole process takes around 6 weeks since our beers are bottle conditioned. It's not a fast process but then good beer can't be rushed. 

The batch size is 250 litres and we ask that you commit to taking the whole batch from us. Pricing depends on the alcohol by volume of the beer and the packaging format and pricing is available on request. 

Drop us an email at for pricing and availability. 

Stage trial runs of your own prototype beers.

Create your own brand: We offer a bespoke bottling and packaging service.

Tell us what and how you want to brew. We’re flexible in what we can do & happy to help in anyway we can.