Desert Island Drinks

11 Oct

Desert Island Drinks: Oor Chris from oor shop

NAME: Chris Mori

OCCUPATION: Bottle Master 


Drygate – Gladeye IPA

Choosing this beer may seem somewhat like nepotism (Yes, Drygate is that much of a family) but if I could only drink another five drinks for the rest of my life, this one would have to be on the list.
When I discovered the Drygate Brewery earlier in 2014, this was the very first of the core brews that I sampled and it’s still my firm favourite.
From the toasted and orange sherbet nose, to the crisp citrus taste (I swear I still taste orange peel) and dry, tangy finish this is a superbly drinkable IPA (which, as a beardy beer geek, is obviously my favourite type of beer) that is never out of my fridge or far from my be-bearded face.

IBC Root Beer

Yes, a non-alcoholic beverage this time! The body balances out the occasionally sharp sarsaparilla taste (a number of people compare it to mouthwash) and instead lets the flavours from the root take over and lead the taste forward. I first sampled this beautiful, creamy Root Beer on holiday in Florida and now that so many shops are importing American drinks & candy this lovely wee ‘soda’ is much easier to find and as drinkable as always. Also, it’s dead handy for hangovers.

Eteaket – Pumpkin Tea

For those starting to panic, just you hold on; I promise I’ll get back to the beers soon.
Eteaket is one of the best tea-houses in the UK, located just off George Street and although this blend is seasonal, I would drink it all year-round if I could. Sweet honey notes, pumpkin richness on top of a proper ‘bang-up’ cuppa.

Left Hand Brewing – Milk Stout Nitro

I ranted and raved about this in a blog post back in September, so I’ll keep things brief here.
World’s first bottled nitro beer? Check
World’s tastiest bottled stout? Check (Editor – That’s subjective, Chris).
Roasted malts, toffee and mocha on the nose, a silky smooth but seductively dark mouth feel with a gorgeous bittersweet finish.

Siren Craft & Cigar City – Neither Imperial IPA

In the immediate post-Prohibition era in America, brewers had to be very inventive with their recipes due to the lack of supply for most of the essential beer-making ingredients. Siren & Cigar City have put their own take on that with a double IPA (8.3%) made with corn & honey.
The nose is all pineapple, with some honey notes and a slight hint of grapefruit. On the pallet, the beer doesn’t have that ‘sticky’ mouth feel that most Double IPAs possess, but is instead clean and deep, with a lovely bitter twist that lingers on your tongue. This beer was a relatively recent discovery, but already it has driven its way firmly to the top of my ‘Must Drink’ list.