Drygate Runs Dry

12 Jun

Leith micro-brewery Pilot stage an exclusive takeover of the Drygate taps

We knew the good people of Glasgow had a thirst for craft beer.

What we didn't expect is that you'd drink us dry of our first batch of Bearface Lager, before the second one had time to condition properly. 

In the first two weeks since throwing open our doors over 3,000 of you parched pleasure seekers have graced the Vintage @ Drygate and become 'Experienced'.   

In short, it’s been unrelenting but we've loved taking everyone of you on a tour of our taps.  

You’ve managed to drink 7,500 litres of the Drygate core range beers, meaning we’re now able to coin the phrase ‘Dry-gated' and we are now brewing way into the night in anticipation of even greater demand as we start to roll the beer out beyond our gates. 

So with not one drop of Bearface Lager left on draft and Gladeye IPA and Outaspace Apple Ale soon to follow suit - what are we doing about it?

Well, for a kicker, we’re very excited to announce an imminent tap takeover from our good friends Pilot – a micro craft brewery with macro flavour based in The People's Republic of Leith.

As of today, Pilot’s Vienna Pale – a liberally hopped Vienna-style lager – will be stepping up to bat for Bearface Lager, while Gladeye IPA will be temporarily subbed by Pilot’s tropical tasting blond ale, the creatively named Blønd

This Pilot @ Drygate takeover is the first of many events and collaborations where we’ll be opening our doors and minds to the work of incredible brewers and creatives alike.

What’s more, it’s the first time Pilot’s beers will be available on keg in Glasgow, should you need yet another excuse to make your pilgrimage to Drygate. 

Those of you following the journey will be aware that the 6th June finally saw us get our hands on that shiny new kit and brew up our first batch of Bearface on site, followed by small batches of Gladeye IPA and Outaspace Apple Ale. 

All are now slumbering away in our tanks and are due to hit the taps again in July. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we still have Drygate packed product available on the bar and in the bottle shop - and rumour has it that you might just come across our three up front strike force in your local craft beer emporium in the coming weeks...

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