New on Tap: The Inevitable Conclusion (9.93%, £3 a third)

19 Jun

An incredibly bitter double IPA using nearly every hop in the Williams Brothers store. On tap while limited supplies last.

One third of our brewing triumvirate, Jake, takes his first sip of The Inevitable Conclusion - an incredible-tasting double IPA which was brought to life when Scott Williams rather whimsically asked: "I wonder what would happen if I let Jake loose on the Williams Brothers hop store?" 

In Jake's own words:

"I love this beer, and I love the story behind this beer. It comes from a very limited series of beers which Ed and I brewed up at Williams Brothers before the Drygate system was ready. We brewed them homebrew style on a wee 300L steam powered boiler just so we had something to go on the bars when we opened up.

"With this particular brew, I was given free range to use as many hops as I wanted, and so The Inevitable Conclusion was born - an incredibly bitter double IPA with explosions of hop aromatics from a complex blend of American and new world hops."

It's on tap from 5pm today (Thurs 19th June) and is set to disappear as quickly as it arrived. Grab it while you can as when it's gone, it's very much gone - and the inevitable conclusion is that this beer will become a bit of a talking point. 

If you're around today between 5-6pm, Jake will be taking a break from brewing to have a first taste at the bar if anyone fancies joining him for schooner of the stuff. He'll be wearing his Drygate t-shirt - just come and say hello.


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