Drygate Loves... Summer Wine

14 Jun

The first in our Drygate Loves... series, showcasing the brewers and breweries we love across the world.

Brewer: Summer Wine

What we stock:


Union Pale (£3.75 a pint; 4.1%)


Oregon (a pale ale)
Sabretooth (an IPA)
Rouge (a red ale)
Maelstrom (a double IPA)

Why we like:

In their words:

"Yorkshire beer is slumbering & we are the triple espresso for this lumbering giant…"

In our words: 

Starting out in 2008, Summer Wine - an intrepid three-man collective based in Holmfirth, Yorkshire - wanted to shake up the accepted perception of Yorkshire beer. Favouring an avant garde approach, their mission was to make beers which made people sit up, take note, think a little differently. And it worked. Their brews burst with the passion and personality of the team, always pushing the boundaries in terms of the boldest tastes and flavours. A truly inspiring brewery, and one which certainly flavours the Drygate thirst for adventure. 

"Summer Wine are undoubtedly amongst the top 5 craft breweries in the UK. Andy, James, Will and the team are renowned for their twists on classic beer styles, all the while being totally unafraid of trying something completely new and weird (Double Belgian Black Rye-PA, anyone?!). They're also really nice guys to boot. An absolute mainstay in any serious beer drinkers' favourite breweries."  
Sean Brown, Drygate Bar Manager

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