Drygate Loves... Cromarty

04 Jul

The family-run Highlands brewery which happens to make some of the best beer in the UK. 

Brewer: Cromarty 


What we stock:


Happy Chappy
New Wave Pale Ale - 4.1%

Brewed Awakening
Coffee Infused Stout - 4.7%

Red Rocker
Red Rye Hop Extravaganza - 5%

A Beer For Flavour Junkies - 6.7% 


Why we like:

"Probably the best brewery in Scotland, simply because the beer tastes that good." Bold words from our bar manager, Sean, but they have been spoken. The reason is probably quite simply the ingredients (we won't patronise you with that 'taste the hard work' chat) - they are fanatical about freshness and quality and the Highland water no doubt adds a whole element of delicious to the final product. 

They do work really hard, of course. Cromarty are a family affair - when you call them up, head brewer Craig Middleton's mum Jenni answers the phone, and his dad, Chap*, drives the beer down from the brewery's home on the Black Isle. And, you can probably now see where the name for their Happy Chappy pale ale comes from. 

Anyway, you can see the full specs for all the Cromarty range on their website, or you can call in at the bar and we'll talk you through which one you might enjoy the most.