Desert Island Drinks: Daniel from Craft Beer Rising

26 Aug

Craft Beer Rising organiser and landlord Daniel Rowntree shares his ultimate top five drinks. 


Name: Daniel Rowntree

Occupation: Landlord and event organiser

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The fuel to my day, and the excuse to break up a morning at my desk with a walk to the local coffee shop. I love a Latte, and the occasional espresso. Coffee and Beer seem to go hand in hand, not quite as many coffee roasters in London as there are brewers, but a couple of my favourites are Volcano and Dark Fluid.

Bear Hug – Hibernation

With so many amazing brews to choose from I have gone for one session, and one Sunday afternoon chin stroker. The Old Nun’s Head is a Punch lease and this beer has just come onto the craft rotation which is dangerous for me. So Hibernation is my session selection a neat hybrid beer looks like a wheat and tastes like an IPA at 5.4% it is hardly a table beer but I have been known to put a few away of a Fridayevening.

Lagunitas – Little Sumpin, Sumpin Ale

I'm into all beer styles, and currently getting my head round smoked porters and sours. However as this is a desert island, it is going to be hot so I have plumped for something refreshing, a similar style to the Hibernation but more challenging in terms of taste, aroma and ABV, at 7.5%. I love Lagunitas beers, and this one has all my favourite hops in it, all beginning with the letter C!

Rum and Ginger

Has to be Fever-tree ginger ale, and has to be Mount Gay, loads of ice and a squeeze of lime. For a spirit mixer definitely use the Eclipse, Mount Gay is the oldest rum in the world with a water source filtered through a coral bed rock which makes it very smooth. For sipping the Sugar Cane Brandy and Extra Old are pretty special too.

Water (plus Berroca)

With all this alcohol I am going to need something to re hydrate and help out with the hangover!